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guestbook archive

thanks to everyone who wrote to Gillian via the guestbook during her cancer and after she passed away

Dear Julian, Amy and Lila,

I am very sad to hear of the great loss of your mother/ mother inlaw and grandmother. I had only just found out. I had the pleasure of having Gillian as a teacher at CSA in the glory days (88-92) when the classes were small and we had a great teacher to student ratio. We loved Gillian's, perspective of the world and sense of humor. Being young at the time I almost believed that Joe Bloggs was a real person! Thankyou for sharing Gillian and your journey with us all. It is very moving, open and insightful. I was particularly moved by Amy's parents words. I am deeply sorry for your loss and wished I could of said goodbye. much love Leah


We only recently heard that Gillian was sick and it is with great sadness that we now hear that she has passed. We knew Gillian as a colleague at the art school. She will be missed but she leaves a wonderful legacy as she toufhed so many through her art. Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this sad and difficult time. Gillian always seemed so full of life she will be missed by all of us. Sincerely Wendy Teakel and David Jensz

To Gillian,s Family

So sorry to hear of Gillian,s illness and sudden death many of her collegues I will mourn her,as you do ,she was a terrific person and a great teacher and artist .my thoughts are with you at this sad time .

Anita McIntyre


My condolences. Gillian was a wonderful woman & and a great printmaker. I remember her fondly as Ros's teacher mentor and friend. The late Gillian Mann is most apt as she always was...

Dear Julian, Amy and Lila,

Last night I spoke with you on the phone and I regret that I have missed saying goodbye to Mum. I am glad that I saw her during the year and in the past few months prior to my travel to New Zealand. I visited her in hospital and I am happy that she received the Christmas card from New Zealand.

She phoned me immediately after she found about her illness and asked me to come urgently to see her in Binalong. I came and I brought her a lithograph titled: “East to Eden”. A print that was based on a drawing that was done in Eden in 1987 when the printmaking workshop went down to that ‘magical place’ to explore a week of creativity and inspiration.

It was very difficult for her and she asked me to swear that I will not tell anyone about her illness. She spoke about the future and about the present; the difficulty of finding that she is sick and the difficulty of telling the family about it. She decided to be strong and she wanted to keep on creating and making more art works. She took me for a tour and showed me some works including an early etching. She said: “I loved doing etchings and in the end I taught Relief, mind you that it was good, but now I love doing my digital work. That Cardinal that you see is somewhat me; I spent a long time with him”.

She asked me to take over her printmaking class. She said to me: “I really love your art works. You know a lot and you will be very good in teaching them”. We spoke about my residency in NERAM and I told her that I am glad that I stopped over at her place on my way there.

I spoke with her again, several times, but sometimes I just wanted her to rest. She told me she was in pain and it is hard and I wanted her to keep her energy, to keep on fighting.

Gillian was a very special person with a strong will, sensitivity, and broad knowledge. She had the right mixture of qualities that were the recipe for an inspiring artist and teacher. The last exhibition and speech she gave in Meglao left us all excited and hungry to hear more. She knew how to tell a story by images, by words.

She will be missed by all who knew her, by me.

Love, Barak.

My Sincere Condolences and Cympathy on the loss of your mother Gillian - an exceptional and wonderful friend. Gillian will be missed and her memory will be treasured forever in our hearts. Looking at the pictures while she was undergoing treatment does no justice to the Gillian I knew in the Canberra School of Art – full of vibrant and vitality. She has shown us the Blighty courage to take her challenges head on and is now asleep. Rest in Peace my Friend and May God Grant Your Soul Eternal Rest.

Dear Julian, Li xue, Alistair and extended family members-

We only learned of Gillian's illness-it seemed - almost the week before her death.

I, like Lizzie McClure (and I know many others) always valued Gillian's presence on the staff at the School of Art in those heady days when it seemed that the public valuing of a particular kind of art practice would last forever . Like life- it doesn't, but unlike life, art continues. You are all so fortunate to have had an artist in the family...real tangible evidence (apart from Julian of course!) of the worth of a life...

My, Michael's and Mary's thoughts are with you at this hard, sad time.


Hello Julian, Amy & Lila and all her extended family.....we are very sorry to hear of Gillian's illness and passing. Our dear neighbour Lindsay McDonald emailed us yesterday to let us know, as we are currently in Queensland working. Our home is 17 Queen St Binalong (where Suanne is) and we talked with Gillian a few times socially or as she was out walking past with her dogs. We moved to Binalong in Feb 2004 but have been in Qld working since Easter 2005. We try and come home every 6 months for a few days and were last home in Binalong early in November 07, about the time Gillian was diagnosed it seems. Gillian was always such a cheery and positive person and the village will miss her presence and contribution....again our condolences. Very sincerely Georgi and John

Dear family and friends,

Gillian was a vigilant auxillary member of the VRA Binalong Rescue Squad and served with us for many years, her support will be missed by all of us and all those she made contact with whilst serving cups of tea/coffee at driver reviver at our Bookham site, our deepest sympathy goes to you all at this sad time.

President of Binalong Rescue Squad - Debra

Jules, Amy and Lila

We were extremely saddened to here that Gillian has passed away. She was a beautiful lady and clearly a very special mum, grandmother and person. We have fond memories of her at Jules's 40th birthday as we did a powerpoint show of Julesy's life, which she really enjoyed. She also made a great speech and it was also obvious to see how much she loved and was proud of her son.

Love and best wishes,

Cody and Bec

Dear Family and friends of Gillian,

The years spents working with Gillian at the Canberra School of were wre beyond special and I cherrish that time. She gave so much to the rest of us.

Much love Roz Kean

Hi Julian and Amy

Doa and I send our condolences to you at this sad time. i have known for a long time Gillian was very talented however it was not until i read her website that i realized what a really special person she was and loved by so many.

In Childhood Gillian and I were very close however when I moved to Australia in 1949 The tyranny of distance separated us. I feel that I have known more about her in the last few weeks than ever before.

I still have the Clipping mentioned in the Canberra Times when she won the Artists prizes well as a wonderful sketch of a small bird she did for me so many years ago.

Good bye Gillian Rest in Peace

Your Cousin Derek

To Julian , Amy and Lila

Our deepest and sincere wishes of love and support at this time of the passing of your wonderful mother. Thankyou Julian for all the updates and postings and for sharing the intimate moments of your families lives and the journey over the past few months. As you are aware by now many of us not known to you shared time with your mum and I really appreciate the fact that you were willing to share this time with us. You are in the thoughts of all our family and I am so pleased we had the opportunity to have Gillian stay with us in October so she could meet my grandaughter and see my kids who were so little at artschool grown up into young adults. Lots of love from Sue Silk, Patrick, Erin, David, Rose, Lilly Rose, Xena and Snoopy

Jules, Amy and Lila...we are very sorry to hear of the death of Gillian. Our fondest memory of her is the determination she showed to walk up Kosciousko for your wedding in her red skirt, stockings and her red lipstick on. The profound love she showed for Jules and Amy on that day, in her speach, the wedding cake, and her joy, was fantastic to behold. Thinking of you all ... Sean, Kylie, Erin and Luke

I was on shift Friday morning when Gillian came to the Hospice. When I saw Gillian in Calvary we talked about my place of work and she suggested that she might see me there some time.....I was relieved that Gillian was made comfortable in one of the rooms with a view........for Gillian, an artist, the tranquil lake. We had a few words - she was very, very tired and told me she just wanted to sleep. Gillian was courageous and gracious. I said goodbye. It was my great privilege to have Gillian as visiting artist in the Press Studio at Megalo this year. During that time we all were given so much of her time, knowledge and wisdom. Thankyou Gillian from us all.

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I was Gillians neighbour in Queen St Binalong for 16 years.She was always there for us and I couldnt hope for a better neighbour.My son Shane who is now 19 ,from the day he turned 3 would go over to Gillians for a cup of tea and she would put a mark on the door jam every year to measure his height.She enjoyed her garden and her privacy so we didnt see each other as often as we should.We always valued her friendship and will miss her terribly.My deepest sympathy to Julian and his family.The last time I spoke to Gillian she had a sparkle in her eyes when she spoke of her granddaughter and she was so proud of her family.She was a very selfless person and will always be remembered in Binalong.

I did not know Gillian for very long. I was privileged to be one of her last students at Megalo.

In the few months of our friendship I got to know, respect and love an excellent teacher and a wonderful woman.

Gillian loved her family and friends with an amazing generosity of spirit and kindness of heart.

Jules, you will always be the pride and joy of you mother's life and Lila her very great legacy. The spirit and smile in Lila's eyes of are gifts from her rosy, apple-cheeked grandmother, full of promise, mischief and vitality.

My love and deepest sympathy to you and Amy and all the dear friends who were able to know Gillian for so much longer than myself. We were all the better for her time in our lives.


Hello Gillian,

You have been constantly in my thoughts since I heard about your illness. I wanted to tell you that I found your exhibition at Megalo this year one of the best I have seen in years . I thought then that I would have all the time in the world to come and see you in January and choose one of the paintings of these wretched soldiers, if you wanted to part from it. If anyone has dealt with the subject of war in any meaningful manner, it is you. Like all the others you have taught at art school, and after, during the terrific workshops you have organised recently, I have found you as always a warm, caring and inspiring teacher and artist, generous with her time and ideas, and above all, a friend who has a much needed no nonsense approach to it all.

My very best wishes,


Hi Gillian,

Real sorry to hear you are crook but from what Im reading it sounds like you continue to be the soulful but tough cookie I remember from whacky and wonderful art school days.

Deb Sparrow just emailed me with your news. I don't hear that much from southern parts these days so it was a surprise and for me a real treat to look at your photos and read through the network of people who care so much about you.

Its been a long time as the song says but I was always a fan of yours and your view of the world thru art.

I think of some of those great parties you had - even when I was sick as a dog with glandular fever one time on election night 1977.

I'd love to hear from Wombat if he ever gets to see this. I have completely lost touch. But those days stay warm and well in my memories.

The best to you G. Will be thinking of you a lot.

Love, George Hirst

Hi Gillian,

Wonderful to see you surrounded by family and all that spoiling and love that you well deserve. I think of you everyday since our visit to the hospital...hope the music/books were good for the soul. Gary Shinfield is coming to visit and will hopefully be able to see you. Lots and lots of love Gillian Deborahxxxxx

I must say Gillian you look marvellous in the new feminist purple bed gear. And what a very beautiful family you have. I’ve already been in touch to say how much you are in our thoughts, and you continue to be, but I wanted to add a thank you for your many kindnesses since first meeting at the Canberra School of Art. In those days (my spell there much shorter than yours of course) I remember you as wonderfully collegial and egalitarian. I especially enjoyed those periods when as acting head you represented your workshop at pertinent meetings - you were so often a clear and refreshing voice. And your odd wry quip did not go unnoticed! Reading the posts from other CSA connections, some of them your long-term colleagues and friends, was quite a nostalgia trip. Out here in Binalong we have the delight of seeing you big straw-hatted, Wellington booted, in the garden or walking doggy friends; paintbrush in hand whipping up creative backdrops for community plays; fur coated (UK op-shop sensational special – the tag was still on it) over childhood stories at the old writing group (must do that again); and just dancing the new year in. Hope the pain management continues to kick in so you can have a tiny soft shoe shuffle this year. Special thanks to Jules for the updates and fabulous (mouthwatering) snapshots. Much love, Lizz & Co

Dear Gillian,

do you remember phoning me in Canberra many years ago and wishing me Merry Christmas.? Everyone else was sending beautiful cards but you just rang through and explained that a little chat was good value, which it was. Well I would like to return the gesture, and wish you a beautiful and happy Christmas.

Gillian, I looked at my plaster prints the other day. I made about 9 or 10 blocks when we were working together in Canberra. They still look interesting, but I also remembered how much you gave to me at that time. You were very generous, inspiring and nuturing as a teacher/artist/person and I would like to thank you for being part of that very special time in our lives.

Love from Gary.

Hello Gillian

Thinking of you and sending love and strength. Enjoy your Xmas with your family and how lovely to have your beautiful grand daughter to share it with. Much love Lyn

Hi Gillian,

What a lovely idea to keep in touch with you.Lindsay told me and the letters and photos are just beautiful.We were actually at Calvary yesterday because Keith had been having chest pains so I insisted he go to Yass hospital.Then they took him by ambulance to Canberra.He is OK just tore some muscles in his chest but when I asked about you ,they said you had gone to Julians.We think of you every day and hope it is a good day for you and your family on Xmas Day.Will keep in touch.Love Kathy Dawes

leonie just told me of your website. Love and best wishes from both of us and hope your pain has lessened. Love Aileen and don

Hello Gillian,

It was lovely visiting you this week - knowing that you continue to improve is just fantastic! I'm so glad that you are escaping the ward for Xmas too. See you soon, all my love, Helene.

Hi Gillian

I have received a email from Clive.

It came as quite a shock to me to hear you were not well and in Hospital

I send you my prayers and best wishes.

I had lost touch since your trip to England some time ago and it certainly appears I am behind times with Julian's life perhaps when you or julian have a moment you could contact me on I read you wish a little bit of space over Christmas so will keep this short and sweet.

love from your Cousin Derek

Hi Gillian

We just received your Christmas card and are very sad to hear about your illness. We both enjoyed your exhibition at Megalo. I always have such fun memories of us working together at CSA, the best year there for me.

Would it be possible to catch up in the New Year?

Lots of love from Robert & Noel

Hi Gillian,

My sister Valerie just called to let me know about the hard fight you have ahead. Our thoughts & best wishes are with you and the family.

l have sent Brian/Derek ( which ever you prefer and Barry to let them know. l know it has been a while since we met but it was like yesterday when l saw your picture. How about some family news about the Goddard's. Young Geoff (soon to be 26) has been working in London having a great time & making lots of money & Michael is doing well as a Software Engineer. l finally left Kodak after 34 years ( got a package) & now working as a contractor without the stress l once had. Sandy is now working at Target & l think getting lots of shopping time. l will send some more details ( the spicy stuff) on what we are doing direct to Jules email for you to read. l have always remembered you as a bright button with a great smile. Chin up & Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & all the family.

Best regards Clive & Sandy xxx

Hello Gillian

Just thought Id hop on the blog and send you some Christmas lovin. Fiona is coming over tomorrow for a pre chrissie catch up as she is off to Qld to see her folks. I read a message that says you will behome for christmas? Thats great news no matter what your beliefs about the CHristian pagan festival theres no place like home at this time of year! I love the photo of the boys that Tanja posted on her message - taliesan looks so much more grown up the last time I saw him was earlier this yr - he looks like his dad. Lucky his mum is such a clever artist the tattoos! look quite convincing. We had such lovely rain here yesterday the garden sucked it all up and was almost singing everything is booming. the back yard is a sea of green, hope your area had some too. I bought a beautiful banksia tree for our indoor christams tree. last yr was apple. Its quite a big chap and I will plant in the garden ( not quite sure as I am running out of room for trees ) but he looks beautiful with a few lovely glass balls and a glass reindeer we have had for a few yrs. As of today I have been able to avoid the commercial spending madness of the season and hope to stick to my resolve. It worries me that people who cant afford it go into such credit debt because of all the pressure. My only regret is that I didnt think earlier in the yr to start making a few gifts. Nevermind It may be my new yrs resolution to be determined to make more time for creative pursuits - tho I do still enjoy my music. I suppose I could make a really bad tape of my singing and send that to my friends!!

Anyway Ill not rave on but I just wanted to let you know you are in our thoughts all the time and I love the fact that I can share our lives here with you on this site. All of our love for Christmas from Sue, PAtrick, Erin, David, Rose, Lilly Rose, Xena and Snoopy!!!!!!!!!XXXXXXXXXXX

Dear dear Gillian,

You are always in our thoughts. I have finally gotten onto your site and read the messages from your friends. We hope you have a well and happy Christmas with your family. We had a good trip to N.Z. but unfortunately didn't get to see Liz McClure. But we did have a mud bath and spa. It was wonderful. Unfortunately when one goes away for a week we then have 2 weeks of work facing us.when we arrive home. We have been extremely busy getting orders out for Christmas since we returned home. All our love Lindsay and Peter

Dearest Gillian ,

Here I am in New Zealand, in my wee house which I am so glad that you were once able to visit, so that when we talked, we had a real picture – Me, of you in the countryside and the eucalyptus scent in Binalong and you of me, by sea in in Auckland in this Land of the Long White Cloud.

Rhona and I have just returned from a trip to Wellington for my exhibition opening and then a visit to Raumati Beach on the kapiti coast and over to the Wairarapa and Martinborough to visit with some friends. All went well and it was a really nice break after all the hard work and build up to deadlines etc.

Right now, ‘across the ditch’ - the Tasman Sea, Australia and Canberra seems so far away. And........ I really wish I could be closer to be with you in the flesh and not just in spirit at this time.

continued next msg...

These communications from Juian and your blog are filling my mind with pictures of you and yours and where you are......... and filling me with memories of my time in Canberra...much of which I shared with you. Those were precious times .. So many moments coming to mind.

Memories of Gillian in Canberra.......fragmented and shimmering .....

................Your printing press in the living room...

..........Your many dogs and then Julian’s dogs too

............ Moving the house on the truck to Binalong plastering the fireplace and bathroom

....... the wee dram we shared on reaching the camping ground at Uluru after our amazing cross country bus journey

........ Your relaxation/ visualization sessions

........Your intellect

....your skills and abilities as printmaker

........ your generosity and ability to nurture as a teacher....

.....your unique voice and presence as an artist

.... winning the Blake prize for Religious Art

......your books and words and stories

...... dancing and singing

your wit and humour

and your adoration and absolutely unflinching support of your son Julian......

More recently you shared your pride and happiness to see Julian and Amy married

.... And your complete joy with the arrival of Lila.....

continued next msg...

continued from above

Do you remember Gillian, you were with me when I found the Christopher Dresser ‘toast rack’ in the ‘op shop’ in Mittagong and you drove back to Canberra, me placing it on your dashboard in disbelief that I had found such a thing – so Lucky ! We laughed A LOT !

It was a very important period in my life and what a privilege to be there teaching with you at CSA at a time with such esteemed Artists including yourself dear Gillian.

As you were with all others – you were so good to me Gillian , as one of a few women on the staff at CSA .. You extended yourself in friendship and collegial support with genuine interest and affection.

You were ( are still ) a mentor and role model - a living example of rising above adversities and petty nonsense and being true to oneself and conducting all your affairs with the utmost integrity.

Yes .. Chuckle is the word ... Your laugh is infectious and could lift any occasion out of the doldrums .. I do hope that in the midst of all your pain and nausea when you must hope only that once again you might feel like yourself – that you have a chance to laugh and chuckle ... with your lovely granddaughter and those who are fortunate to be with you.

What can I say ... I really would like to talk to you... To get you on that mobile when you might be feeling well enough to chat... I may try ... Julian might let me know when is a good time .

For now ... I am thinking of you and pray to all of the goddesses and gods alike that they keep you safe and whole and peaceful.

All my love,

Until next time


Hi Gillian,

Fantastic news that you're feeling better and will be heading home for christmas.

I will definitely pop in to see the Mann clan at some stage over the weekend.

On behalf of all of Jules's touch footy mates, get well soon and have a lovely christmas.

Best Wishes,


Hi Gillian,

I have been following your news on your website - what an awful time you are going through.

I am so sad that you are unwell and like many who love you feel so helpless.

You have been such an inspiration to me as a person and an artist. Your generosity of spirit makes me feel so humble.

Yesterday the boys had a multicultural day at school - I thought you may enjoy this photo: - Taliesin as a Maori (his personality completely changed with face paint) and Sasha as a German boy.

I hope to come and visit you sometime in the next 2 weeks. I will keep in touch about this.

Sending lots of love and blessings and good wishes to you....


Hi Gillian

I just wanted to let you know, that both Erica and I are thinking of you.

We are so sorry to hear that you are unwell..... we are sending lot's of good vibes and well wishes from London.

It's dark and cold here and I am remembering a much warmer Christmas we all had (with you, Julian, Amy and all the Boyer's) at Bobbara Creek in the sunshine.

What a gorgeous little grandaughter you have - she must make your smile!




Dear Gillian

I was so pleased to see you yesterday and to catch up with Julian and to meet Amy and your gorgeous granddaughter. I want to thank you for the grace and integrity with which you live and share so generously with us all. All my love, Judith.

The exhibition, by the way, was absolutely stunning.

Dear Gillian, Although I have not known you very long I count myself very lucky and priveledged to have met you and been influenced by your lovely generous nature. Treasure the moments when things are good and have strength to endure the others.Love Lex

Dear Gillian

After not seeing you for so long, suddenly there was news of your illness and all that you're going through. So - here I am - a voice from the past joining all the others who've managed to say more eloquently than I that we love you and are grateful to have met you and spent time in your delightful, warm company.

Thinking of you, my dear, and your devoted family and friends.

Love from Sue May

Dear Gillian

Within the battle have faith in the love of your family and friends. We are all wishing you the strength and concentration to achieve small moments of peace. I would like to say "ten gold stars for the teacher" Gillian. You have been a wise and wonderfully thoughtful mentor. Thank you.

Julian and his family have been very generous in keeping us all informed so openly. Thank you Julian and Amy.

Warm gentle kisses, soft air, quiet breathing, glowing smiles for Gillian

from Heather

Dear Gil,

I was very moved by the message from Amy's parents in China. I can only echo their sentiments of feeling helpless and wanting to be there to care for you and look after you.

I know that this is ridiculous but I keep thinking I should be doing more and if only I did more then then you would get better. Then I realise that the Cancer is doing this and there is nothing that any of us can really do except to love you - which it is obvious that we all do very much.

I will see you on the weekend Gilo and hope it brings better news.

Love Fiona

Dear Gillian,

You are very much in our thoughts at this time. We hope each day might find you more comfortable. We read the letter from Amy's parents and hope you were uplifted by its beauty.

Lots of love from us both. Connie misses Homer and Illy.

Dear Gillian, Julian’s mum,

(translated from Mandarin Chinese to English by Amy)

We were in a big shock when we were told you are suffering of this terrible disease. We feel very very sorry about it. We are just planning to come and visit, busy applying visas, thinking that we can finally have a chance to meet each other after 2 years, can chat and play with our grand-daughter together and can thank you for looking after our daughter face to face……it is really a huge shock for us. We feel very sad.

Because of the difference of culture and language between us, we don’t know how to describe our mixed emotion to you. We want to tell you how much we want to meet you and how much we love you. And we feel deeply sorry for you in our heart. Now, when you are suffering of great pain and you need help, we are so far away, we can’t come to your bedside to comfort you or look after you. We can’t actually do anything for you. We feel so helpless. The only thing we can do is have all our fingers crossed. Hopefully, relying on modern technology and medicine and your strong spirit, you can get a little bit better.

Li xue (Amy) told us, you have always been very independent. Even when you are very sick, you still tried very hard to deal with something by yourself. We admire and respect your strong spirit. But we really like to tell you our opinion about it. In China, it is no doubt, old or sick parents should be well looked after by their children. Because all the parents love their children very much with no condition, look after them when they are young, contribute a lot to them. Although when you devote your love, time and energy to your children, you will not expect them pay you anything back, it IS their responsibility and obligation to love you back and look after you when you are old and sick. That is family. That is love. We call this piety.

We know the culture and situation are quite different from China to England or Australia. But we think The Love between family members should be the same.

continued from above...

We know you are very independent person and don’t want to make trouble for others. But we hope you can put away the thought of being independent totally for this stage, just accept being looked after by your family. It is the chance for them to show their love to you. And this disease is really a nasty one and you need all the support you can have, so you can concentrate on the battle inside your body. Although we should be positive, that doesn’t mean you can’t talk about the pain or suffering or any other awful feeling you are going through or down side feeling in your mind. Jules and Amy should know the real situation you are going through, so they can give you the support you need.

Li xue (amy) often mention your love and kindness to her and Lila. We are very much appreciated. We always ask her to look after you in whatever way you need. We hope you can feel she is your own daughter and feel free to talk to her about anything you like, and be looked after by her and even have a cry to her whenever you need. Don’t be afraid of making trouble for her. Family should stay really close when up and down, especially down time. We were told you are having chemotherapy now. The reaction to the chemical is very bad. It is the most difficult time for you. We are all thinking of you and worry about you. Hope you can eat something when you feel a little bit better to get your energy back. We sent this email to show you our love and support from China.

Wish you getting better everyday!


Love Yafang and Shi li (Amy’s mum and dad) 2007-12-10

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Dear Gillian,

Paul Piesley told me the news and now I have been to the blog site and read all your news. I count myself fortunate to have been taught by a great teacher and someone who had such strength and wisdom, we only need to see your amazing art to also see your vision. You have the right attitude, wonderful support which is just what you need and I am sure that some days are just awful, but that the gems amongst them are brighter than the illness itself. Lots of love to you and your family and thanks Julian for your wonderful sharing blog.


Sending you a big hug and keeping you close in my thoughts. Love Talei xo

Dearest Gillian,

My mother Judith has just told me the news. Strangely you have been in my thoughts recently. Have been revisting memories of Charnwood and you have always been a constant in my child hood memories.

I hope the treatment goes well. You are in all our thoughts. When your up to it send me a note. Big hugs and kisses XXX joanna (we love you)

To lovely chuckly Gillian, the true and original goddess to many of us on our CSA Printmaking journey, our Mum away from home keeping your careful eye on us. Sending sweet and perfumed wishes to you in Binalong, Will stay in touch via your fantastic website and will grab Lyn and Talei for a drive into the countryside when you feel up for a visit. xxxxxxxx


Glad to hear your spirits are high, even though your weight is lower. The Thin Mann seems to have the same 'go get em' spirit of the The Thin Man

. Your Thursday Girls have all been busy and even put an entry in the Megalo members exhibit (our lovely mask images from your beginners class) we called it 'Something for Gillian', we hope the good vibe reaches you. Take care and keep up that wonderful spirit. Hope the pain management is getting better.

Love and good thoughts,





Tue, Nov 27 2007, 05:49 am

elizabeth McClure


Morena Gillian ... just want you to know I'm thinking of you ...positive thoughts for beginning of treatment today. Hope you had achance at home to rest and recharge your batteries and gather your own thoughts for now.

Will keep intouch

Take care


Dear Gillian

Just got a message via Annie with your news - our thoughts and love go out to you. I'm glad to hear you are now able to be in the comfort of your own home. Thinking of you....

Love from Tanja, Darren, Taliesin & Sasha.

PS - your prints look fantastic - it's great to have a look at them at last


Hello GillianWe are back from Vietnam and Fiona has been filling me in on events. I hope that things are settling for you and that your health treatment is being established. It was great to see you and spend some time. I have those postcards you bought at Heidi and shall send them on I noticed them in the back of the car when I got home. The textiles in Vietnam were very beautiful and I managed to bring a few home. We managed to locate 3 great places to shop 2 were creative studios that employed young people with disabilities they made carvings, textiles, embroidery and every day items like tote bags. The staff were great and it was a pleasure to meet all the young people and see their workplace. The other shop was a fair trade craft link that encouraged and promoted independent crafts people. This was in Hanoi and next to the Koto restaurant which is famous for housing and training street youth in hospitality. It is obvious that it is well established as the place is quite posh and very big and appears to employ a lot of young people. It was a wonderful time and I have printed of hundreds of photos so shall be able to send you some. I have also become fairly proficient in making windows movies using still shots so may even get one of those together. It is great to see all of our friends from the past on your site and know that no matter where we are or how long it is inbetween contact that the connection still remains and I hope it is comforting to know you are well loved. ALL my love an thoughts for now. Sue and Family.

just wanted to keep hugs a coming your way . Im planning on coming down but will ring Julian and /or Leonie first to OK it so its not badly timed . Love and strength and everything else in between V

Hello Gillian,

Theo has told me the news and my thoughts and love are with you. Although I have only met up with you sporadically, I always admired your honesty and straightforwardness. What you're going though may be difficlt, but I expect that your life will be enriched by its latest journey. You are loved by many.

Big big hug xxxxxxxxxx


We don't know what reserves we have until we have to drag them up from deep within. As we discussed last week, stay positive, laugh often and be with your family, I know the power of Positive

. You are loved, respected and all who know you are the richer for it.

My love and much positive karma is with you, Julian and family.


Thanks for being in touch, am touched am devastated. Monsoon rains have started early here and now I know why. It was lovely seeing you and spending some time at the nga a few weeks ago. You kept your pain to yourself then didn't want to burden. Your such a big sister I never had. Give me one of your wicked smiles and giggle like you always do. Relieves the stress. Teddy and Matilda running around in the warm rain chasing cane toads and saying naughty things to each other. Innocence is ending, has ended. They're donating pocket money to refugees and campaign to limit greenhouse gasses. Telling Paloma and I Santa doesn't exist anymore. Such lip. Hard to deny rugged up booted bearded red man in furs in the tropics with plastic snowflakes. We are thinking of you and wishing you good thoughts - words are useless. Love Love Love.

Gillian and family... well.... what to say? not sure what to make of the latest news.... as others are commenting there is a goddess within and many without who will nurture and care for you.... I will call you at the weekend or at least sometime soon. Do not worry if you are unable to talk or may not wish to, you will need time to absorb everything that is going on for you. Setting goals is good. Lila's 21'st sounds fabulous - doesn't it !???. Thinking of you



Hi Gillian

It's time for me to repay some of the kind words and consideration you've bestowed on me during our short acquaintance. My thoughts are with you - positive thoughts for your recovery and sympathy for what you are going through. Many thanks for making the Megalo classes so enjoyable and for trusting us to keep going in your absence. Looking forward to having you back in charge.

Love, Jacki

Dear Gillian,

2007 has been such a big year between us. You have been one of our Artist's in Residence, a Gallery exhibitor - presenting your exhibition the Journey of the Cardinal's Head and you have taught classes in etching and relief printing for us. You are a most valued member to the Megalo community and our thoughts are very much with you.

We send a megga hug through cyberspace HMMMMMMM MA!

My dearest Gillian, I have just heard and I am devastated. My love and admiration comes to you with this message. I know the goddess of all things has you cradled in her arms as you are one of the most special and giving persons I have ever had the good fortune to meet. I have so much love for you and know you will forge on through this. I will give you a call on the weekend if that’s all right. All my love sweetheart, I will be thinking of you constantly. Talk to you soon. xxx

Thinking of you Gillian... Sean, Kylie, Erin and Luke Wood

good morning Gillian.... You look well and so smiley in the photos with Lila ... who is avery 'bonnie lassie indeed.

So glad that you are in good hands and that all efforts are being made to assess your condition and recovery plan.

eat as much good organic goodies as you can get your taste buds around ... keep thinking ppositive and know that we are all thinking of you too wherever we are and sending lots of love.

Will be in touch again later.... ciao


Hello Gillian Glad to hear about the treatment yesterday and hope to chat on the phone soon, lots of love, M

Hi Gil

Something coming your way in the post in the next few days. Finally had a chance to look at your wonderful website and images from the show. They look terrific. What a substantial body of work! Julian I will also give you a call in the next few days. Lots and lots of love and positive thoughts


etc! Yo from Amelia and myself sending hugs and love via the ether. Also please check out the Journal ChemMedChem; This is fromGaurdian Weekly 9th Nov 07 and is about a light activated cancer therapy that destroys tumours while leaving healthy tissue untouched. Team headed by Colin Self at Newcastle University inthe UK is starting humantrials early next year. Get on the list please NOW love V